Baruch Business Solutions, LLC – FAQS

1. How do our services work for your practice?

All need of your work to send us scanning and uploading, or mail to us. Your all billing & payment data is available in real time and have about transparency our services. You can see all the work as it is done, including statuses, notes and any missing information that needs your attention. You can also run all commonly used practice management reports from the billing software.

2. Is there a cost for the billing software?

No, we also abide the cost of clearing house for your billing.

3. What billing software is your company offers?

We use Office Ally/Practice Mate. We are not charging our clients for EHR/ Practice Management /Clearing house.

4. What if I use different billing software?

Our billing experts are expertise in using all application based and cloud based billing software. We use the transition time of 3- 5 business days to get familiarized.

5. What information is required from my practice for billing?

1. New Patient Demographics Sheet 2. Insurance Information 3. Super bills or Notes for Coding 4. Paper EOBS if any for accounting.

6. Can I get my data from the software?

Yes, we believe your data is always yours and there is no additional or hidden cost.

7. How much does your service cost?

Our fees vary depending on your specialty and practice size and whether or not you scan your documents. No matter which solution you choose, you will almost surely experience significant savings, and our efficient processing model with overnight services will quite likely result in an increase in your overall collections. We have several packages and it depends on the size of the practice, 1. % - It could vary from 3 – 6% in what we collect from insurances. 2. Flat Rate - Ranges between $800.00 to $1800.00

8. Are there any lengthy contractual requirements?

No. While you do need to sign a contract acknowledging that you understand the terms and conditions, there are no long term commitment requirements. You can cancel our service at any time. We will also return all your data to you in a tabular, electronic format to facilitate your migration to another software or service.

9. Are there any software setup up fees?

Yes, there is a non-refundable $250.00 deposit for setting up EHR/Practice Management Software.

10. I am not in your geographical location; can I still use your service?

Yes ofcourse! You can scan and upload your documents to us, or you can mail them to us. You then access your data over the internet. Therefore your physical location is immaterial. The only requirement is that you have a broadband internet connection.

11. What specialties do you support?

We support all specialties.

12. How long does it take to get started?

Transition requires 5-7 business days for gathering information like providers, practice, insurance, patients data, credentialing info, etc and setting up your software for billing

13. How long have you been in business?

We have been in business since 2010.

14. Do I have control of my data?

Yes! As it is cloud based. The software allows you to make any updates that you require. The software also has the capability to produce any report that you need. You can also do data entry and run the validation routines in your own office, if you desire. It is complete Medical Billing software, with features and capabilities not found in ANY OTHER software on the market today.

15. What happens if my staff goes on vacation or quits?

No Worries! As long as you can scan and send us your documents, or mail your work to us or have us pick it up from you, your work will get done.

16. What work do I/my staff have to do?

All you have to do is send us your work, either by scanning and uploading it to us (the preferred option), or by mailing it to our office. In addition, you will need to monitor the Incomplete Information through our reporting, and send us any missing or incomplete information, so we can effectively collect on a 100% of your claims.

17. How do claims get submitted?

We electronically submit all clean claims daily. We mail claims daily to insurance companies that do not yet accept electronic submissions. We monitor all electronic submission reports for denials and eligibility issues, and take necessary action.

18. Are you HIPAA compliant?

Yes. We also keep track of all new code and regulatory changes and automatically update the software.

19. CPT/ICD10 codes, regulations change constantly, does your software keep abreast of these changes?

Yes. We keep track of all changes to Codes and regulations and make sure the system is updated.

20. Is the billing software is Multi-User?

Yes. The system has the feature to allow up to 50 users.

21. I already do my billing In-House, why should I switch to your service?

By using our service, you will be able to: • Have your data entry done and claims submitted on a daily basis, as opposed to on a “when time permits” basis • Have your payments posted to your patient accounts as soon as payments are received. • Submit your secondary claims, and balance bill your patients immediately. • Reduce the number of employees involved in doing your billing • Reduce the number of hours in a day your employees spend on Billing tasks • Enable your staff to concentrate on the problems instead of being swamped by the data entry tasks. In other words, you will be able to substantially improve the efficiency of your billing operations, and collect more of the money due to you.

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