Medical Coding Services

January 16, 2020


Medical Coding Services


Medical Coding Services. Baruch Business Solutions LLC is dedicated medical coding services based in United States(US). Medical Coding Services is specialized function in the Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) which involves patients, healthcare providers, payers and Physician administrative staff. Medical coding team work in combined with billing team to process exact revenue codes on the basis of the clinical documentations maintained by the healthcare provider. The certified and experienced Medical Coders is to ensures denial-free and quick reimbursement to the providers.

Baruch Business Solutions LLC (BBS), specialized of medical coding and medical billing services based in United States (US), provides assistance to physicians and healthcare organization to code procedures, diagnoses and services which medical billing team finally turn into revenue. We bring you the proven expertise of a large network of trained and qualified coders with substantial exposure to the coding requirements across all specialties, and working experience with large hospitals, multi-specialty providers and small clinics. Our coding team expertise includes the ICD-10-CM, HCPCS, Evaluation and Management specialty and CPT coding systems with specific training in each specialties we cater .

Through training and knowledge of disease processes, medical terminology and pharmacology of Medical these Coding professionals has been provide guarantee of smooth migration to the ensure ICD-10 system of medical coding, and HIPAA 5010 compliant reporting.

Medical Credentialing Services


Process of Medical Coding


        • A practice intake charge sheet or form is batched and arrives on the desk of a coder who will abstract the following handwritten information, convert it to code and get it to data entry. Our coders are certified by the AAPC (American Academy of Professional Coders) and have a minimum of 7 years hands on experience. They do the coding for handwritten diagnoses on the charge sheet.
        • Client Requirements Analysis involves specialties covered, report requirements, type of files, required turnaround time, and formats to be followed. we received scanned patient charts or clinical information from the client through an FTP
        • These files are downloaded by our Medical Coders Team and allocated to the appropriate Pre-Coders and Coders. After the files are downloaded and allocated to the appropriate team, the Pre-Coders enter details such as Place of Service, Physicians Name and any price modifiers.
        • Procedural and Diagnostic Coding done by Certified Coders (CPC) usingreferences such as LMRP, ICD-10- CM, HCPCS Level II CPT Assistant.
        • The coding team also checks the compatibility of diagnosis with the procedure code. On successful completion of Coding, the files are uploaded to our FTP site. The coded files are forwarded to the billing team for clean claim submission.
        • Our Medical coding and Billing team work towards improving and refining the process in order to provide the most accurate and reliable services to increase the practice revenue.

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