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Provider credentialing is more than just another form to fill out; Baruch Business Solutions India Private Limited has experienced staff to make the process simple and get you credentialed by expediting the process by aggressive follow-up with insurances and IPAs.

Credentialing, in general terms, is verification of practice expertise, experience, willingness and interest to provide medical care. In broad terms, credentialing encompasses obtaining hospitals or facility privileges, as well as successfully enrolling in health plans as a participating providers.
Medical Credentialing Services

Although a growing number of payers use the Credentialing Software and CAQH Universal Provider Datasource® can reduce the paperwork, most practices still manage this information manually or on electronic databases that do not “talk” to other computer systems. The process is far from flawless and an increasing amount of practice staff time is spent researching, responding and maintaining credentialing-related files for providers. This is when Providers started looking for credentialing and billing company like ours.
A New England Journal of Medicine editorial in November 2012 claimed that a coordinated national system of credentialing would save providers nearly $1 billion in administrative costs.

We follow the below process strictly to ensure that you and your staffs do not get mired in the credentialing process,

Start early. Don’t expect a swift credentialing process. We request practice to plan months ahead, especially when a new physician is joining your practice or newly recruited associate. Indeed, all practice that we work with are requested for the elements needed for credentialing at the same time that they send an offer of employment letter to a new physician. Given that it can take many weeks for payers and other organizations to process their own credentialing paperwork, So let’s start Early !

Develop a sustainable process. While the initial submission of credentialing forms may leave you exhausted, it’s vital to ensure that there is a workflow that maintains all required forms and documentation because re-credentialing is always just around the corner. One option is to formulate a spreadsheet of payers, hospitals and other third parties that require updates, and record the requirements for submissions and deadlines. We assign an employee to monitor the process and empower him or her to take appropriate action to get forms signed and necessary data gathered.

Recognize key success factors. We help practice to complete the CAQH Universal Provider Datasource®, which is the most widely accepted universal credentialing database. On this form or the many others you’ll find that require completion, avoid the temptation to leave any of the data entry boxes blank. With information missing, that form will eventually be rejected. Because these decisions can take months, you’ll have a lot of catch-up work to do in a very short time. We request a set of information before start working on CAQH.

Credentialing can be a maddening and time-consuming administrative process, but you will not be paid until you are fully enrolled and credentialed by your participating health plans. And you can’t expect to attract many patients if you don’t have admitting privileges. In order to keep your offices running smoothly.

Our Solutions are vital to prioritize the credentialing process in your practice!!!

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With the state of the art software programs and our credentialing experts, BBS, LLC can make the credentialing services and contracting process quick and easy for your medical practice. We work for all specialties nationally and assist with your credentialing for any help plan.