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Medical Billing

At Baruch Business Solutions, we provide niche medical billing solutions meeting every end of your practice; relieving you of administrative hassles that come with Insurances, hospitals and clinics. Our medical billing solutions are focused on delivering effective profits for your medical business. A dedicated and specialized expert team is assigned to every single practice, either a small or big sized practice to take care of their billing needs in a customized manner.

Patient Appointment:

A crucial aspect of every clinic or hospital is scheduling appointments of patients. It also needs to be smooth and error-free to give the patient maximum comfort. Fortunately, our team provides seamless support to patients by connecting them to the concerned physician, therapist, or nurse. Be it a normal query or an emergency, we have it all covered thereby reducing your operational costs and relieving the immense overload of coordinating with the patients.

Medical Coding:

Providing high-quality and effective medical care solutions is the motto at BBS. We hold immense expertise in both traditional and latest coding guidelines complying with every regulatory rule for each specialty, thereby reducing operational costs. Our coding auditors and coders are well informed and AAPC certified in every standard applicable like COC, CIC, CPC, CPC-P, CPC-O, and CPC-H. You can relax while our competent coders and auditors formulate high-quality norm-adhering documents and codes resulting in increased revenues and profits.

Insurance Claims:

The insurance and claims aspect in hospitals and clinics is very serious, therefore needs to be handled by experts with the utmost professionalism. With many departments and organizations involved in insurance, one needs an expert capable of connecting with them all. Our insurance process involves pre-screening of individuals to ensure they are eligible for insurance benefits and coverage or not. We take the patient’s complete medical history and every facet into account, therefore, maximizing the chances of faster claim payments at the first electronic claims submission. Our expertise in Electronic EDI and EFT enrollments with all insurances leads to smooth and faster cash flow directly to your bank account, high reimbursement rates, reduced need of staff, and time-saving due to the removal of delays.

Payment Posting:

We understand the complexity and the efforts that are needed when it comes to manage revenue and handle accounts related activities. Our expertise in ERA enrollments with all insurances leads to smooth and faster payment postings electronically and manually.

Accounts Receivable Services:

Our accounts receivable experts handle your accounts through regular follow-ups with insurance. We assure that every insurance claim and accounts related payment is processed electronically directly to your bank account and manually in a timely manner leaving no chance of revenue loss. Your business is in safe hands as we take complete accountability for your business as per standard HIPAA guidelines.

Quality Assessment:

Further extending our services, we closely monitor and analyze data related to reports, accounts, insurance etc, and ensure the best of medical field practices are present. A dedicated group of experts help in auditing our medical clients with performance assessment of their business and supports them with innovative progress-driven solutions boosting the overall efficiency, accuracy, and revenues of hospitals or individual clinics.