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Our Founder

"We understand your needs better than anybody with our experience for a better solution"

BBS was founded by Hamsavardhan on March, 8th 2016 to develop an innovative billing workflow to help providers across the USA. It rose rapidly from one individual to 200+ employees within a short span and it is dominating its other off-shore billing company across India.

About Hamsavardhan Mohan

Hamsa is a very prominent entrepreneur, who believes that ideas that have potential should be nurtured from the beginning, and will grow in value very quickly if properly managed. He grew in a middle-class family, that struggled to afford education. This only grew his instinct for financial success which took him to be a top-tier entrepreneur in just a few years, with multiple business ventures in startup funding and innovation.

In his early work-life he worked with many multinational companies, which helped build his characteristic leadership attitude and prepared him to manage teams in multiple industries and to understand the technical aspects of any industry that he gets into, before going and establishing businesses of his own.

As a master technician and manager, he has amassed over 16+ years of experience in the Healthcare and Technology Industry. He is specialized in revenue cycle management and practice operational assessments.

Founder & CEO

This knowledge has been implemented in his enterprises such as “Baruch Business Solutions” which offers an accounting alternative to modern hospitals and medical-related industries. Hamsa is the Founder and CEO of this company and serves an active role in the functioning of the company, using his technical and medical experience.

He is also an expert in financial reporting, ICD-10 coding, as well as medical billing procedures. This means that Hamsa is very well prepared in most aspects of modern businesses, and leads the way in his multiple companies with efficiency and dedication.

In addition to his extensive knowledge of this specific area, Hamsa keeps preparing himself to always offer cutting-edge options in his businesses. This is why Hamsa is well trained in networking in general, which plays an essential role in the medical industry, as well as in general investment associations. This entrepreneur also plays a very important networking role, he is in charge of international investors and potential leads from places around the world.

Hamsa believes that hard work and dedication can take you to achieve your goals. This is reflected in his work ethics, which give his businesses a very high-quality standard, directly supervised by  Mr. Hamsa Mohan. He will ensure that the experience of every single user of his services is as good as it can be.

“Through hard work, perseverance and a faith in God, you can live your dreams” – B.C

The accomplishment of an aim or purpose is a process of working hard with the pool of talents and ‘Growing Together’ – Hamsavardhan Mohan

Years of experience: 16+ years | Hometown: India