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RCM Services

Medical care is indispensable without an efficient and result-oriented Revenue Cycle Management or RCM. Baruch Business Solutions(BBS) specializes in the field of RCM services providing end-to-end medical solutions for capturing maximum revenue and profits. The administrative complexities in medical facilities like hospitals, clinics, or pathologies can be overwhelming for the existing staff leading to a decline in profits. In the labyrinth of medical formalities many errors can occur like wrong patient information during registration, or not following the correct medical documentation, or mismatch in IDs – such issues prove to be costly when insurance claims are denied. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to have an RCM service that assists from a patient’s registration until the concerned individual is discharged.

Our highly trained staff, auditors, and coders ensure that every dollar is effectively earned through robust processes, knowledge of the current standards, keeping up with the ever-changing medical trends, and the use of Information- Technology to minimize errors. With the use of software, we aim to achieve high levels of automation that can take care of tasks ranging from patient registration to tasks like analysis of insurance denials and ARs.

Revenue Cycle Management

The spectrum of our various services starts from scheduling appointments and optimizing them thereby relaxing the in-house medical staff. The assessment of medical insurance is done by our team of experts making matters like Copay/Self-Pay/Eligibility/Coverage clear which arrests claim denial. Our certified coders and auditors are well versed with every medical documentation standard like COC, CIC, CPC, CPC-P, CPC-O, and CPC-H. Highly accurate coding is created to eliminate claim rejections and increase Account Receivables (AR). We regularly follow-up on pending insurance claims and account receivables in a cyclical manner to boost earning margins.

At BBS, we use Data Analytics to peruse subjects like demographics, quality of our Medicare services, claims acceptance/denial, and reporting. Our team of experts goes in-depth visualizing the demographics of the claims to know the source of the claims. We scrutinize and do relevant RCA (Root Cause Analysis) on rejected or denied claims which can impact business – dedicated teams work in a time-bound manner to deal with the mentioned issues. A comprehensive report is also provided containing all the details of rejected/accepted claims, financial statements, demographic information, and much more. All this translates into educating and empowering our staff to serve the client in an optimal manner.

The profitability of your Medicare enterprise is paramount to us, therefore, we allocate managers and experts that take care of various accounts in a customized manner giving 24/7 support seamlessly.

Revenue Cycle Management Services


Choose Baruch Business Solutions RCM Services for


  • Achieving the highest level of clean claim standards
  • Working with the best medical coders and auditors in the industry
  • Getting the most accurate billing and medical coding
  • Continuously improving profit margins and revenues through quality assessment
  • Obtaining reports that are brimming with authentic data with respect to finance and productivity
  • Maintaining the security and confidentiality of your business data
  • Cyclical follow-ups on insurance claims and account receivables