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Medical Transcription

Transcription, related to the medical domain, is an age-old practice in which audio/voice-based medical reports enunciated by doctors, nurses, or other healthcare professionals are formally transcribed into a written form or document. This occupation or job might sound easy but is quite sophisticated as it requires one to have a certain level of knowledge about the healthcare domain and Medical Terminologies. A generic transcriptionist might misapprehend the medical nuances while converting the audio medical report into a written report – it is why experts are needed for medical transcription.

At Baruch Business Solutions(BBS), transcription specialists are well versed in the Medical Terminologies used by the Doctors, Our experts are there to assist in transcribing your voice-based medical reports into highly precise documented reports. Our expert transcriptionists understand medical terminologies, report structures, and formatting while editing them in such a way that they can be uploaded into the patient’s electronic database without any concerns of errors. Well qualified professionals who have all the necessary certifications and training are there for your assistance so that you can sit back and relax.

Why hire a medical transcriptionist when there is in-house medical staff to do the same?


Healthcare facilities like hospitals, dispensaries, and even private clinics have staff that is often stretched to the max when it comes to resources and time. Assigning transcribing duties only adds to the burden and they need to be paid extra money – often a large amount – for transcribing the medical reports dictated by doctors, nurses, or other healthcare practitioners. It can easily take a few hours for transcribing all the voice medical reports of the entire day which can be too stressful. Even then there are errors in the documented medical reports which can prove to be costly as it can lead to hazardous errors in the patient’s records and cause delays/rejections of insurance claims. The worst-case scenarios are of lawsuits filed for medical negligence or malpractices that can go up to millions of dollars. Therefore in the current times, when Medicare is being run on a shoestring budget and is a critical field, revenues cannot be allowed to be gobbled up by totally frivolous tasks that can be outsourced and hold a certain risk factor. It is where specialists in medical transcription step in.

At BBS, we follow the industry standards to maintain the confidentiality and security of a patient’s records. Following HIPAA/HITECH compliant guidelines in our transcription practices; we can deal with any audio format ensuring perfect security of the medical data free from any breach. We use the latest data security technologies to protect personal and confidential healthcare data. At the same time, cost-effectiveness and maximizing your healthcare revenues is the motto at BBS. Our transcription services will relieve your medical staff from the excruciating task of medical transcription allowing them to focus on actual patient care.

As a Medicare provider, you do not have to be anxious that your medical niche might not be addressed as we cover a wide spectrum of medical fields ranging from Dermatology to Oncology to Anesthesiology. Rest assured that our medical transcription experts have it all under their umbrella and would be glad to offer you their services.