• Medical Billing

    • While working with us, our staff will be part of your staff, with highly qualified personnel we will make sure to manage your claims and coordinate patients and insurance companies regarding payments for services. This way you can concentrate on delivering the best quality services while we manage your finances, making it cost-effective and reliable.

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  • Medical Coding

    • Our coders with more than seven years of experience are certified by the AAPC (American Academy of Professional Coders), they will help you convert medical treatments into codes, with references such as ICD-10- CM, LMRP, CPT Assistant, HCPCS Level II. In order to improve processes and make them less time-consuming.

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  • Credentialing

    • In broad terms, it is the process through which any medical care provider has to go undergo to obtaining hospital or facility privileges and to enroll in health plans as a participating provider. We will aid you in your plantation and with guidance in all the steps to standardize and credential your company.

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  • RCM Services

    • This service will provide information on your clients, from reporting and analytics all the way to contract management and self-pay collection. We provide either partial or full outsourcing of core revenue cycle operations, to relieve some of the stress of practices and to automate the cycle.

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This is probably the method most widely used. We prefer the large practices to choose this plan for more benefits.

Hourly Rate

We are extensions to your in-house staffs for Credentialing, Coding and billing. You can decide how many hours you need us to work for you.

Flat monthly Fee

Our monthly fee is cost effective to many practices from small – medium to large medical practices. Starts from $500.00/month.

About Us

Baruch Business Solutions India Private Limited is a dedicated medical billing services company in California, USA that helps medical providers manages and optimizes their revenue. Company understand small and medium sized medical practices needed better practice management tools that would help them achieve both better revenue recovery and deliver better healthcare outcomes for their patients. The search for a solution to this need led to Baruch Business Solutions, India Private Limited involvement in Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management.
  • Medical Billing
  • Medical Coding
  • Credentialing
  • RMC Services
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As a member of American Medical Billing Association, We understand your needs better than anybody with our experience for a better solution.

How do our services work for your practice?

All need to do is send us your work, by scanning and uploading it to us, or by mailing it to us. All your billing & payment data is available in Real Time and have transparency about our services.

Is there a cost for the billing software?

No, we also abide the cost of clearing house for your billing.

What billing software is your company offers?

We use Office Ally/Practice Mate. We are not charging our clients for EHR/ Practice Management /Clearing house.

What if I use different billing software?

Our medical billing experts are expertise in using all application based and cloud based billing software. We use the transition time of 3- 5 business days to get familiarized.

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We understand your concerns of having to keep your medical practice afloat given the frequent changes in healthcare along with lack of time that keeps you from a smooth medical billing process. We can help increase your revenue.