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Medical Billing Services in Florida

Medical physicians in Florida need additional attention and a dexterous billing department to manage unfamiliar challenges. Whether you are a chief healthcare practitioner or an expert surgeon practicing in Florida, the productivity of your practice is determined by the ability of your medical billing company. Every dollar you owed is considered vital for revenue management. Selecting the right billing company to outsource your medical billing is a significant and noteworthy step for the monetary growth of your practice.

Why choose BBS over other Billing Companies in Florida

Baruch Business Solutions has been providing exceptional practice management solutions for decades and has the ability and skill to make the most of your reimbursements and resolve your practice to run competently. By outsourcing with us you can be free from all concerns you are having while managing a medical practice in Florida. We have an end-to-end clarification for all billing requirements. Our medical billing and coding facilities can minimize your burden by accumulative cash flow and successful production. Our skilled workforce of medical billers and coders are precisely fortified to accomplish the revenue cycle and modernize your billing process to achieve wide-ranging reimbursement without interruptions and rejections. We submit each claim both electronically and physically to all major and minor payers, we track and follow-up on due claims, consolidating patient statements, fee placement, and modifying reports.

Benefits of Choosing BBS for Medical Billing in Florida

Baruch Business Solutions is a prominent medical billing company in Florida and our services are accepted by providers and hospitals. We have the finest billing solution for new startup practices as well. Our billing professionals in Florida work with all types of practitioners in a wide range of specialties comprising oncology, allergy, dermatology, family health practice, cardiology, internal medicine, physical therapy, and many more. We have a demonstrated track record of dedicated medical billing all over the USA and specifically in Florida. Our medical billing experts are passionately existing to resolve your billing disputes in all major cities such as Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, Orlando, and Tallahassee. Our specialties are not restricted but also include medical credentialing, comprehensive error-free coding, real-time claim submission, medical and financial statements provision, data management and updating, compliance with HIPAA rules, and comprehensive clearness and security of all data. Our step-by-step procedure comprises prior eligibility authentication of each claim, exact coding with the on-time submission of claims, scrutinizing errors spontaneously by rule-based scrubber, and complete follow-up for each claim. We offer flexible reimbursement preferences to fit each payer’s requirements and to make it relaxed for the supporters to pay the balances. We permit online cash transaction that is the right choice to pay nowadays.

Maximize Your Revenue by Choosing BBS

We have wide-ranging information coupled with a decade’s knowledge in the field of medical billing in Florida, our billers maintain the potential to value health providers and medical physicians to make the most of their reimbursements and reduce their costs to a great extent. Reimbursement can be done fast and easy by outsourcing your medical billing with BBS. We are furnished with absolutely programmed tools and procedures that can simplify your finances and develop your business. Our qualified billers and coders have a wide-ranging and in-depth understanding of guidelines linked and prevailing for billing in Florida. Due to precise coding and quick claim submission automatically, we have the least claim denial rate than any other in the industry. Our claims are remunerated quicker and our reimbursement rate is advanced. We reconcile financial statements on a regular basis to discover the retrieval rate. You can monitor the real-time position of your claims by entering our system and multiple bills can be managed at the same time with higher accuracy.

Need Help?

With the state of the art software programs and our team experts, BBS can make the medical billing services and the contracting process quick and easy for your medical practice. We work for all specialties nationally and assist with your credentialing for any help plan.

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