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Medical Billing Services in Georgia

Organizing a medical practice and having fruitful reimbursement management requires an enthusiastic team of billers and coders. Observing balances, validating claims, acquiescing claims, and amassing revenues is relatively an official job. A good medical firm can make you free from billing uncertainties and you can concentrate additionally on your practice. Compliance guidelines and principles must be monitored in order to defend your practice from audit opposition. Nowadays physicians in Georgia are experiencing the issue of decline in their revenue limitations. Only a technically well-furnished billing company can resolve all your billing complications and can improve your returns.

Why choose BBS over other Medical Billing Companies

Baruch Business Solutions is a US-based revenue cycle management company that identifies the value of computerized systems for medical billing. Our skillfully knowledgeable workforce of billers and coders focuses on personalized solutions for all medical specialties. Our demonstrated track record displays our assorted proficiency in the field of medical billing in Georgia. BBS expert medical billing group deals with its services for all specialties like oncology, cardiology, family practice, internal medicine, physical therapy, dermatology, and many others. We gratify individual practice, clinics, hospitals, and all sorts of health organizations. Our medical billing tools for revenue generation, bring more effective and lucrative results. We are accessible in all main cities of Georgia including Atlanta, Augusta, Athens, and Savannah to handle your billing necessities. We sternly follow compliance guidelines and keep you and your team completely attentive to the ever-varying and multiple developments in the area of medicine.

Benefits of Outsourcing Medical Billing with BBS

We at Baruch Business Solutions with the combination of information and involvement of medical billing have agreed on result-oriented superior actions to make the most of your reimbursement and reduce expenses. Our system is completely compliance-oriented to make you worry-free from inspection and governing authority’s anxiety. We accumulate accurate and perfect data on patients and their insurance admissibility and modernize and improve respective data when needed. Our specialties comprise data entry, preceding authentication of each claim to identify the eligibility, automated handling of claims and error-free submission, active follow-up, denial and refusal management tactics, and settlement of accounts. RBS spontaneously identifies if there comes any mistake in the claim submitted, which is quickly resolved by our billers to elude rejection. Electronic File Transfer (EFT) and electronic fund transfer not only save your time but also cash by simply entering our system.

Maximize Revenue with BBS

Baruch Business Solutions has accepted the finest accessible practice and expertise for the claim processing. We make sure you fill the gap between you and the insurer by our straight interaction with various insurance companies. By outsourcing medical billing with us your cost of employing a person for billing is reduced. We are enhancing the sources to make the most of the revenues and reduce the cost of your medical practice. By outsourcing with BBS you can get a quicker revenue in relatively less time. Our amount for all these modest services is much lesser than any other medical company. We make sure your reliable and uninterrupted revenues with no rejection or denial. Our denial management system can efficiently attentive to the reasons for interruptions and handle on time and fruitfully which leads to settlement. Old unresolved bills are also shadowed by our medical billing experts.

Improved Compliance

Compliance is stated to the managing of all practice and billing technique according to the guidelines of compliance authorities that is HIPAA, CIAs, and CCAs. We are completely compliant and successfully accomplish compliance strategies. BBS to be compliance conduct internal audit and monitor practice management. We keep our workforce skilled and refined with all the guidelines. Our team has hands-on practice with HIPAA and other principles. We entirely stay with the varying administration instructions, payer necessities, operational requirements, and technical support.

Simplified Billing and Practice Management Services

We are a wide-ranging billing and practice Management Company. We propose our services to all the best specialties and all sorts of practices. Our billing and practice management procedure is very modest and simplified. Right from the early setting up and appointments of patients to the acquiring of money from insurers and clients, we take complete responsibilities. We offer comprehensive and end-to-end succeeded services and you need not employ additional supervision and accounts team as we organize all those functions on your behalf. We modernize your medical billing with complete practice management support to your managerial workforce. Our qualified and experienced team handles the complete billing process on your behalf and make sure that you get comprehensive and quicker payment. Our rejection and negation, management helps a lot to handle hindered claims.

State of the Art Technology

We have a completely programmed, streamlined, and a cloud-based system for billing and handling the practice. Technology has prepared many things relaxed and we modified the best state of the art excellence technical tools. Claims are submitted automatically. RBS spontaneously identifies any inaccuracy in coding and billing, which is controlled and adjusted on time. Our official and computerized system has several features including RBS, DA manager, modified dashboard, HHA software, electronic reports, EFT, and online cash payments and cash placement. Our system gives you the right of entry to following and possessing an eye on the entire billing procedures. You can also examine the health of your practice. We concentrate on accurate billing and coding to let you focus on your patients and practice.

BBS Revenue Cycle Management

The development and achievement of a provider’s practice rely on revenue cycle management. Baruch Business Solutions has designed a complete and appropriate revenue cycle management. From patient demographics, eligibility criteria, denial management and follow up to collection of money, we have a well-organized methodology. Our revenue cycle commences with the patient’s foremost visit, scheduling, and appointment. After entering the patient’s data, we validate insurance coverage and forward the bill in real-time and with precise codes. We monitor the claims until you get complete payment. Our primary objective is quicker and comprehensive reimbursement for the services you provide. To reduce and evade the interruptions our billers and coders trust in obvious and confidentiality. We work for all your new and old receivables accounts, unresolved amounts, and in the transit bills. Our first-time submission success rate is 98% and billing turnaround time is less. We track each claim with active documents and confirmations.

Make you’re Running Practice Thrive to Success

If you are previously managing a medical practice and experiencing complications in handling with your exercise and collecting money, we are here to resolve your concern. Outsourcing with BBS will come up with such a top-notch solution that your practice will speed up in the direction of accomplishment and improved money collection. Due to methodological and qualified support by means of our billers and coders, your practice will reach great heights of success because we identify all drainage point and will deal with them with seamless approaches. We offer ground-breaking and economical solutions to all the huge scaled, medium-sized healthcare organizations in addition to small practices.

Need Help?

With the state of the art software programs and our team experts, BBS can make the medical billing services and the contracting process quick and easy for your medical practice. We work for all specialties nationally and assist with your credentialing for any help plan.

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