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Medical Billing Services Iowa

Baruch Business Solutions is a leading medical billing company presenting end-to-end billing as well as medical credentialing facilities to physicians of all specialties in all states USA including Iowa. We speed up the entire billing operation and enhance your capital to get the best output. We deal with entire medical specialties. We are existing in all big cities of Iowa including Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Davenport, and Sioux City. Our medical billing specialists and coders are round the clock accessible to support you in all billing and organizational tasks. We classify the unused areas of your practice and fill the fissure with the finest tactics to escalate the practice’s complete cash collection. We are practicing management expertise with outstanding modest tariffs.

Simplify your Medical Billing

Running a medical practice with effective billing observation is an interesting job. Error-free billing with precise code is essential to get speedy payment. Outsourcing your medical billing will exclude your valuable time and you can keep more attention to patient wellness. We make the billing process effective by computerizing billing procedures and other day-to-day works. Frequent jobs of daily routine like reminders, appointments, and their validations are programmed to save your time. We planned the entire process and make you stress-free from the physical amount of work. The computerized tracking system makes it relaxed to view the location of bills progressed and the health of practice can also be determined. Online scheduling of patients and electronic submission of claims added a lot in the streamlining process.

Error Free Billing with Accurate Codes

Error in the billing process leads to rejections and deferrals which lay a bad impression on the provider’s practice. This can be eluded by error-free and perfect medical billing. Our medical billers and coders take the previous authentication of all bills to confirm insurance coverage of that bill. This step is vital to evade denials and also saves time. Precise codes are given to every claim and submitted in real-time. All bills are submitted automatically which underestimates the probabilities of human faults. Perfect and error-free coding by our team reduce threats of non-payments and boost revenues. The programmed RBS tool identifies and categorizes if any error appears and is straightaway modified. We track each claim until you get a complete reimbursement.

Comprehensive Practice Management Solution

We are not only a medical billing company but also offer a wide-ranging and all-inclusive practice management solution for your practices. Whether you are a well-known physician or need to start a new practice, we are here to give you comprehensive leadership to modernize your business. We systematize your entire managerial tasks and change all steps of practice management and billing process from the chief scheduling and patient’s activities. We deal with all specialties of medicine and all sorts of medical practices. Our programmed software is intended to give you comprehensive aid for your practice and will realize the health of your practice.

Improved Credentialing and Amplified Compliance

Baruch Business Solutions Credentialing shows a lot in your accomplishment story. Our credentialing services are the finest of the rest. We support you in all phases of getting authorization and registration with insurance companies and governing authorities. Our. Our turnaround time for credentialing is straight and express. We are completely compliance and follow all rules applicable to billing. We and our software are in compliance with HIPAA rules. We observe all actions take place in internal and external audits for your practice. Our enhanced compliance policies save you from audit regrets and litigation differences of opinion.

Proficient and Result Driven Technology

Along with the development and advancement of technology, we have also implemented the state of the art technology tools. Every step of practice management and billing is programmed and technically advanced. Our computerized services include RBS, DA manager, EFT, online cash payment, cash postings, and periodic medical and financial reports. The entire process of billing and handling is clear and trustworthy. Our software is modest, user-friendly, and result-oriented. Bills are submitted automatically and monitored by a tracking system. Reports are produced to examine the health of a practice.

Faster Turnaround Time

Time matters in all instances including medical billing. Timely submission of claims and their turnaround time affects practice straightaway. We trust in time management and work to get your reimbursement on the time. Our first-time submission attainment rate is 98% that is the utmost in the industry. All claims are tracked by our billers and coders excellently and with proper evidence to get you paid soon. As fast as you assist patients and advancing a bill to us, we swiftly forward that claim with perfect codes.

Need Help?

With the state of the art software programs and our team experts, BBS can make the medical billing services and the contracting process quick and easy for your medical practice. We work for all specialties nationally and assist with your credentialing for any help plan.

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