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Medical Billing Services Oregon

We have an eminent profile of billing and coding all over the USA and all healthcare providers have surety and firmly trust in our excellent services for their revenue accumulation. We offer medical billing and coding services to health providers of all specialties in Oregon. Baruch Business Solutions manages billing and administration responsibilities with proficiency and technology fusion and gets you to receive higher as compared to other billing service providers. We are not only a medical billing company but a real support contributor to your practice and also gain your revenue stock by utilizing our artificial intelligence software and services of skilled billing professionals. Our billers and coders are situated in all major places of Oregon including Portland, Eugene, Salem, and Gresham. They are readily available to resolve your all billing concerns in all major sites of Oregon.

Revenue Cycle Management Services

We grasp the reality that a continuous revenue cycle management service is the key to the survival and growth of your practice. Providers in the entire USA depend on their billing companies for reimbursement measures as well as for eminent practice. Baruch Business Solutions along with the unique and futuristic services assist you to simplify your internal process and minimize your expenses. From qualification assessments to charge entry we organize the entire claim procedures effectively and efficiently. All other proceedings including claim submission, negotiation with payers, denial management, and account receivable management are taken into proper attention with competency.

Error Free Accurate Coding

Being an eminent billing company we understand that precise codes and accurate data are the only possible procedure for getting speedy reimbursement. A medical claim can get the right payoff and appropriate dispensation only if its submission is concluded precisely and on the right duration. Outsourcing with BBS not only increases accumulation but also rapid up the entire billing process. We will enhance your bottom-line business accumulations by our tactical operation and error-free coding. Precise codes mean lesser denials and that results in rapid reimbursement, which in turn means a lesser time of the entire process. Skilled and certified coders eradicate all medical billing complications from physicians and let you concentrate on the patient’s health care. Our services are splendid and beneficial for the physicians of all specialties.

Transparent Process & Dedicated Team

We are available without exception and happy to answer your queries and convey to you according to your needs. You can look where your dollars exactly is and how the procedure is carrying out. Wherever you are, and whatever your medical specialty is, we are on this spot to get through your billing as well as practice issues. You can get extensive prominence through our real-time automated system and we present you exceptionally good items that need your focus for their progress. Our professionals are perfectly committed, certified, and inspired. We show dedicated concern to their practicing and preparation according to the latest codes and laws of medical billing. Our members stay mindful of any modification in-laws and codes.

Best Credentialing & Increased Compliance

We are in complete consent with the rules and regulations of HIPAA. We understand the value of compliance regulations and keep our members well known of the entire compliance rules. We aid you in core and extreme audits to stay you hassle-free from audit reversals. Our credentialing process is also much cherished as it requires a short duration as differentiated to other credentialing companies. We introduce you to register with insurance companies. We ensure that appropriate codes are given to every claim that not only raises the opportunities of reimbursement in initial to submit but also prevents you from legal proceeding concerns.

Guaranteed Low Denials & Higher Revenue with BBS

Baruch Business Solutions is a medical billing company helping providers for decades with the exact passion and possibility. We electronically present the claims that result in immediate payment release an entire reimbursement. We provide successive billing solutions and practice regulations. We have prominent class denial management to cater to all denied and refused claims. Productive and exact follow-up by our professionals decreases the amount of denied claims and increases the revenue generation in a short duration. We provide regular statements and reports with providers to display the exact internal health of physician practice.

Need Help?

With the state of the art software programs and our team experts, BBS can make the medical billing services and the contracting process quick and easy for your medical practice. We work for all specialties nationally and assist with your credentialing for any help plan.

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