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Medical Billing Services Utah

Baruch Business Solutions is not only a medical billing company but it’s an entire management solution for your medical practice in Utah. We are offering our services in entire cities of Utah including Salt Lake City, west valley city, Provo, Orem, and West Jordan. We are accessible round the clock and round the calendar. We can serve you in all concerns of your practice along with billing. We assure the best billing and management service that will boost your revenues. We are contributing physicians for decades with the same passion and responsibility to achieve the highest goals of your practices.

Increased Profitability and Efficiency

With our end-to-end and complete services, you can attain your objectives of improved finances and advanced productivity. By outsourcing with BBS you can instantaneously check the progressive modification in your revenue and practice health. By restructuring your whole practice and billing process, handling the denials and refusals, computerized re-appealing for rejection, and classifying the combined disputes we save determined reimbursement for your practice.

Complete and Accurate Coding with Prior Eligibility Verification

Codes are the only possible method to determine the significance of services given to the patients by the physicians. The volume of reimbursement expected by a physician on the base of the claim submitted to be determined by the codes given to the bill. Exact codes and accurate tactics can bring an enormous transformation ineffectiveness. This step reduces the probabilities of rejections and increases the reimbursement process. Error-free coding, timely submission, and enhanced recovery process result in the whole reimbursement in a quicker way. Our billers and coders take earlier admissibility authentication of the claims to certify coverage expanse.

Enhanced Credentialing with Minimum Turnaround Time

Medical credentialing is essential for operating a fruitful and rightfully legalized practice as it is the only source of reliance between patients, physicians, and regulatory authorities. Credentialing is becoming an additional challenging and time-consuming duty over time. Over turnaround time for credentialing is tiny and we also provide a re-credentialing facility when you improve your authorization and specialization. We have skill and understanding of all the data required and typical technique of data collection, principal source validation, and the guidelines prevailing.

Improved Compliance

Compliance is denoted to the management of all practice and billing process according to the instructions of compliance consultants that is HIPAA, CIAs, and CCAs. We are fully well-trained and meritoriously accomplish compliance plans. Our medical billing company to be compliance conduct internal review and monitor practice management. We keep our staff proficient and sophisticated with all the rules. Our workforce has pro-active practice with HIPAA and added regulations. We entirely stay with varying government guidelines, payer necessities, operational needs, and technical guidance.

Simplified Billing and Practice Management Services

We are a wide-ranging billing and Practice Management Company. We offer our services to all specialties and all kinds of practices. Our billing and practice management process is modest and simplified. Right from the early scheduling and engagements of patients to the collection of cash from insurers and payers, we take all accountabilities. Our specialized and expert staff handles the complete billing process on your behalf and assure that you get comprehensive and earlier payment. Our denial and refusal management support a lot to handle delayed claims. We offer broad and end-to-end accomplished services and you need not appoint additional supervision and account staff as we organize all those functions on your behalf. We modernize your medical billing with all-inclusive practice management support to your organizational staff.

State of the Art Technology

We have a completely computerized, streamlined, and cloud-based system for billing and handling the practice. Technology has made countless stuff efficient and we reformed the finest state of the art of excellence technical tools. Claims are submitted electronically. RBS spontaneously senses any miscalculation in coding and billing, which is controlled and adjusted on time. Our system provides you the right to use for following and keeping an eye on the entire billing practices. Our official and programmed system has numerous features including RBS, DA manager, personalized dashboard, HHA software, electronic reports, EFT, and online cash payments and cash posting. You can also examine the health of your practice. We concentrate on the accurate billing and coding to let you focus on your patients and practice.

Baruch Business Solutions Revenue Cycle Management

The progress and accomplishment of a provider’s practice to be determined by revenue cycle management. Baruch Business Solutions has planned a widespread and appropriate cycle. From patient demographics, eligibility criteria, denial management, and follow-up to the collection of money, we have a well-organized methodology. Our revenue cycle commences with the patient’s first visit, planning, and appointment. After receiving the patient’s detail, we validate insurance coverage and forward the bill in real-time and with precise codes. To reduce and elude the interruptions our billers and coders have faith in transparency and privacy. We work for all your latest and old receivables accounts, unsettled amounts, and in-transit bills. Our primary objective is quicker and comprehensive reimbursement for the services you provide. Our first-time compliance success rate is 98% and billing improvement time is the least possible. We follow each claim with actual documents and proofs. We track the claims until you get complete payment.

Make you’re Running Practice Thrive to Success

If you are previously running a medical practice and experiencing complications in managing with your implementation and amassing money, we are here to resolve your concern. Due to practical and certified assistance by using our billers and coders, your practice will reach new heights of satisfaction because we distinguish all drainage point and will deal with them with flawless approaches. Outsourcing with BBS will come up with such an outstanding solution that your practice will speed up towards accomplishment and enhanced cash collection. We offer pioneering and reasonable solutions to all the immense scaled, medium-sized in addition to small practices.

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With the state of the art software programs and our team experts, BBS can make the medical billing services and the contracting process quick and easy for your medical practice. We work for all specialties nationally and assist with your credentialing for any help plan. BBS is leading medical billing company in Utah

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