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Medical Billing For Anesthesiologists and Anesthesiology Practice Consultants

Medical billing errors can have a significant impact on your anesthesia reimbursement. Thus, we at Baruch Business Solutions provide extensive medical billing services and practice consulting services in and for anesthesiologists and anesthesiology practices and groups. Our medical services are carefully designed to make your revenue cycle seamless and super simple.

Our suite of services enables you to complete your business revenue cycle and adjust automatically as you scale. After extensive research and analysis in anesthesia billing and practice management, we took up the challenge to help medical organizations to streamline their business operations across verticals effectively.

Our Anesthesiology Practice Consultants are highly skilled and capable of delivering outstanding revenue cycle results.

Anesthesiology Practice

Our consulting team has demonstrated expertise in accounting, finance, hospital negotiations, governance, compensation formulas, and group practice management. They clearly understand the challenges associated with it and specific coding and billing guidelines for all aspects of anesthesiology medical billing, including:

  • Pre-anesthesia assessments
  • Time calculations
  • Base units (anesthesia CPT codes based on the complexity of the surgery)
  • Special units that are permissible to bill


Our end-to-end Anesthesiology practice specialty services include aspects like:

  • A/R Management
  • Medical Billing
  • Collections
  • Coding Services by Certified Medical Coders
  • Claims Appeal Services
  • Payer Contracting Services
  • Payer Negotiations
  • Payer Renegotiations
  • Medical Provider Credentialing


In what way we differ?

We united the most thought-provoking leaders and innovative personas in anesthesia medical billing and revenue cycle management together to progress through your vision and fit the new normal. In addition to the above-mentioned specialties, we are currently operating as per the latest Medicare regulations and modifying policies as they relate to anesthesia medical billing, as well as qualifying ICD-10 codes.

We tirelessly dedicate our dedicated resources to ensure that our clients’ charges are billed precisely and that we manage to achieve maximum reimbursement out of it.

To know more about how you can leverage medical billing for Anesthesiologists / Anesthesiology Practice Consultants feel free to contact us at +1 (323)-843-2861 (or) mail us at info@baruchbusinesssolutions.com.