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Medical Billing For Durable Medical Equipment (DME)

Durable Medical Equipment (DME) can be simply defined as the therapeutic equipment prescribed by physicians to their patients suffering from some specific long-term medical conditions. It may or may not be beneficial to patients without ailment. Generally, Equipment used for any kind of convenience or beyond the reasonable medical needs of a patient is not covered by DME billing.

Some best examples of these kinds of durable medical equipment are Nebulizers, ventilators, and kidney machines.

Medical billing for these DME is quite difficult because of the nature of the equipment billing process. Durable Medical equipment is not used completely for treatment and their necessity depends upon the recommendation of a particular patient’s physician. The dependency of physicians makes reimbursement of Durable Medical Equipment (DME) very complicated necessitating extra paperwork to record and establish their necessity for a treatment period. Compiling documents catalog and records for electronic claims submission and checking if the documentation is complete and accurate is crucial still a laborious work. BBS is leading healthcare practice industry in United States

DME Billing

If these processes are not done properly, it could affect the productivity and revenue of the healthcare organization.

Outsourcing your DME billing services to BBS will reduce the shrinking collections, billing errors, and cost of training new hires for billing functions.

Our team of experts will focus more on the quality of documentation and strive to improve the healthcare experience by making the billing process easy and efficient.

We, at Baruch Business Solutions ensure the best services including Customized Reporting,100% HIPAA Compliance and Complete data security.

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