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Foot & Ankle Surgery Billing Services

With the increased demands in Foot & Ankle kind of podiatry services, doing all sorts of procedures and maintaining an in-house billing and coding department can be a huge burden. Are we managing to earn desired returns from such arrangements? Not exactly, to match such increasing demands you would need a dedicated team of experts working towards eliminating your outstanding accounts receivables and make your reimbursement process seamless. And one can’t deny in such processes we tend to deal with the elderly population in most cases and the demand can be huge. The process exclusively demands meticulous use of modifiers and an understanding of coding for inclusive procedures. Thus we at Baruch Business solutions commit to address issues such as increasing overhead and declining reimbursement and get you back on track in no time.

Thus we at Baruch Business Solutions commit to address issues such as increasing overhead and declining reimbursement and get you back on track in no time.

Foot & Ankle Surgery Billing

We can seamlessly help you with the following,

  • Electronic Claims
  • Thorough audit before claims
  • Accurate and prompt verification of benefits
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Complete charge entry for claims
  • Posting Payment regularly
  • Reviewing claims to ensure proper coding
  • Verifying eligibility benefits
  • Sending out claims
  • Keep tracking of all accounts receivable


How do we differ?

Our consulting professionals are highly skilled and experts at understanding standard medical billing and coding principles. We focus to streamline your revenue process by following standard HCPCS, CPT procedure, and supply codes and ICD-CM diagnosis coding as per CMS guidelines and HIPAA compliant medical coding that are fundamentally responsible for optimum medical billing management services to Podiatry physicians.

We are an experienced medical billing company with an excellent track record in Foot & Ankle Surgery Billing Services and Practice Management. With unmatched attention to all your internal details, our consulting professionals manage to handle all aspects of the billing process so our clients can just stop worrying about your common medical billing errors and concentrate on delivering amazing medical care only.

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