Revenue Cycle Management

January 16, 2020


Revenue Cycle Management Services


Revenue Cycle Management Services. Health systems, hospitals, academic medical centers and their physician practices are under pressure to improve the quality of care while simultaneously facing declining reimbursement, margin pressure, and increased risk. For many healthcare organizations, maximizing revenue cycle efficiency and improving the areas of medical billing, medical coding and accounts receivables management are paramount to achieving the goals defined by healthcare reform.

While the shift to value-based reimbursement is being driven by commercial payers and Medicare alike, Revenue Cycle Management leaders increasingly are seeking to improve the management of accounts receivable, coding, charge capture, claims processing and Medicare secondary billing, self-pay collections and insurance follow up – without a significant capital expenditure.

Identifying incremental reimbursement opportunities can deliver an immediate return without a significant amount of cost or time. This is the first step to getting your revenue cycle in good working order as you begin planning to go down the path of value-based care. But the key is to uncover specific areas responsible for the financial under-performance of healthcare organizations. This is often difficult for healthcare revenue cycle management leaders to recognize without the expertise and benchmarks needed to accurately assess their revenue cycle.

RCM Consulting


Baruch Business Solutions helps practices address these challenges and improve profitability with services designed to help them maintain focus on patient care. Maximize your medical billing, medical coding collection and hospital revenue cycle performance with services and business intelligence for every level of staff. As an extension of your team, we have the resources and depth of experience you need to help strengthen the financial health and profitability of your whole organization and all without adding more time to your day or costs to your bottom line.

RCM Services


  • Institutional and professional coding and medical billing services
  • Charge capture audit and assessment
  • Underpayments, denials and appeals management
  • Contract management
  • Self-pay collections and insurance follow up
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Comprehensive AR management
  • Full or partial outsourcing of core revenue cycle operations

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