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July 30, 2020

Imparting unrivaled accuracy & Transparency in Medical Billing

Despite the surge in newfangled technologies that are revolutionizing the medical billing & coding industry, there is a horde of challenges still hovering around it. Most companies poised in this industry are still striving to perfectly master the arthritis of translation of a patient’s symptoms and a clinician’s endeavors to mitigate them into a vivid classification code. On the other hand, these companies are also grappling to efficiently manage the claims of hospitals, while coordinating patients and health insurance companies through proper medical billing services.

But for Baruch Business Solutions (also known as BBS), achieving the best of both these verticals is just a piece of cake due to its unparalleled expertise, close to five years of offering services, and 100+ employees. A pioneering Medical Billing & Coding services company based in Reno, Nevada & Thanjavur, BBS proactively handholds a fleet of US-based clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare institutions with extremely transparent, top-notch, and accurate end-to-end services. These services include the most convoluting/time consuming credentialing process, MIPS Training, CQM Training, MU Training, HEDIS reporting, credit management, and much more.


Today, most medical billing companies strive to take control of the entire system at hospitals and clinics by offering them their own software, instead of allowing the doctors to hold the control. Contrastingly, BBS gets access and plugs into its clients’ software, stays in direct touch with both doctors & their staff members, and thus delivers them customized daily, weekly & monthly reports with utmost accuracy and transparency. Hamsavardhan Mohan, Founder, BBS, asserts, “By outshining as an extension of our clients’ staff and working closely with the insurance companies, we ensure to accelerate their revenue cycle generation, decrease operational expenditures and enhance efficiency delivered by their systems”.

The biggest forte of BBS is its highly qualified & trained team of experts with AAPC, CPC, CIC, COC & many more certifications and knowledge about the entire process of medical coding & billing. Since the majority of hospitals & clinics in the US find it extremely difficult and expensive to find adept people, this company stands as their savior by ensuring that its team addresses all their medical billing & coding requirements. In a nutshell, BBS is a one-stop-shop that takes diligent care of end-to-end activities of the clients with a consistent workflow. Moreover, it also constantly enlightens the clients on the emerging trends & advancements in the healthcare industry via several channels, while updating its team on the same via training sessions & webinars, and also discussing variegated coding-related queries and issues with them.