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May 2, 2019


Baruch Business Solutions: Healthcare Companies, Providers, Patients, and Social Media’s


Social Media networks are an important process of mass digital communication. Celebrities, politicians, and organizations have learned how to increase communication opportunities through these new channels. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are still the most popular social media platforms, with a majority of routinely using each of these sites.

Multiple healthcare companies and medical centers need to increase the number of patients they serve

This is a natural goal. But, as part of the helping professions, they do not want to appear deceitful. Healthcare professionals are sensitive to the fact that they are delivering valuable services. Yet, healthcare is entrepreneurs and professionals need to attract new customers and clients. If not, their practice or agency will have hassle giving services over the future. Practitioners and Healthcare providers use social media as well as the internet to research medical devices, pharmaceutical information, and biotech data. Much like experts in other fields, Companies are using social networks as a tool to reach out to other specialist’s client.

Two popular social media networks that are increasingly used as a Share Information are Facebook and Twitter. Here is a brief summary of these social media networks:

Facebook has the largest user base of any social media platform, with roughly  2 billion active monthly users worldwide.  So it is used by a diverse group of people. Typically, for medical practices and healthcare providers, Facebook’s content is directed toward patient support and patient engagement.

Twitter is centered on text-based interactions between users called tweets. Tweeting on this platform provides a brief but direct communication to all followers of a user. Other users can stumble upon tweets when they search for specific hashtags. With its large user base and text-centered format, discussions on Twitter can include comments and responses to individual tweets on a specific topic.

Ways that Healthcare Companies are utilizing social media

There is a spread of ways that healthcare Organizations are utilizing social media to improve their services and contribute patients with proper medical information.

The best ways experts in the field are using social media:

1: Share Information

2: Analyze and Increase Quality

3: Train Medical Personnel

4: Live Updates during Healthcare Procedures

5: Teach followers about your organization


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