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How Will Outsourcing Podiatry Billing Benefit Your Practice?


Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Podiatry Billing Services

In addition to all the complicated medical issues involved, specific billing and coding procedures also add extra complexity to podiatric services. Professional billers and coders are needed to handle these restrictions, since the foot conditions to be treated are very specific and have strict medical necessity prerequisites. To maximize reimbursement amounts, podiatrists must know which services are covered by which insurance plans, use appropriate codes, and provide clean documentation.

In order to deal with all these requirements, most podiatrists are faced with the difficulty of whether to outsource their billing requirements or not. While the answer to this question may differ based on several factors such as the size and age of each practice, obviously it is better to outsource your podiatry billing.

Pros of Outsourcing Podiatry Billing

1. Assure Security and Peace of Mind

Codes for podiatry are constantly changing.  Updates in billing codes and procedures must be kept current by the physicians and their billers. Keeping up with these requirements will keep you out of trouble and allow you to take advantage of new billing opportunities. You may be able to solve many of these problems by outsourcing your podiatric billing which ensure peace of mind and security to your practices.

2. Bringing transparency to operations

When you need detailed performance reports from your in-house billing staff, you will have to train them thoroughly, and you will also need to micromanage the team. In contrast, if you use an outsourcing company that specializes in podiatry billing, this won’t be necessary.

Ensure transparency in operations by outsourcing third party billing companies for podiatry medical practices in order to be sustainable and successful. Monthly performance reports are often released by these companies to ensure correct path selection on request. Furthermore, such medical billing companies don’t require any management oversight, and yet they are able to provide you with unique insights into your billing operations.

3. Take control of your time and money

Several people believe it’s better to be in control of the various tasks than to leave them in a state of chaos. On the other hand, if medical billing and coding are involved, it is always beneficial to outsource those services to third-party companies who provide hands- off services. As a podiatrist, you have a lot on your plate already like your patients and finances, your fellow podiatrists, your medical equipment, out of all the things you worry about.

Would it be worth your time to spend hours on billing and claims processing? Not at all! Your time and money can be saved by outsourcing highly technical medical jobs to skilled experts. Outsourcing the podiatric billing services may prove to be the most beneficial for your practice and revenue.

Cons of Outsourcing Podiatry Billing

1. Manageable but challenging

Due to the fact that the entire podiatry billing and coding team is in-house and hired by the company officials, you can contact them directly for all your billing and coding requirements. Even if a change in the plan or the billing structure is made, it can be implemented rapidly without much difficulty. When third parties are hired to handle the same billing, the entire scenario changes.

.The agreements you sign with these outsourced companies bind you to adhere to them, so you can’t make any changes as you see fit. In addition, the outside parties are in complete control over the billing tasks, so you cannot monitor the finances regularly.

2. Invoices are not checked for accuracy

The in-house billing team does not limit the number of revisions and final audits that can be performed on invoices. It becomes effortless to communicate with such a team, as it is easy to check last minute details and make changes as and when needed.  It may not be that easy to revise and make the final checks on your invoices to receive the full reimbursement. Therefore, it is a good idea to consider your options before outsourcing your podiatry services.

Certainly, there are some cons to outsourcing podiatry medical billing services. In fact, the best option for handling podiatry billing is choosing a company that has the necessary experience and clarifies everything well in advance. BBS is the ideal partner for outsourcing your podiatry billing as you can manage your practices with fewer worries and generate worthy returns.

What makes BBS the right company to handle your Podiatric Billing needs?

Based on best practices, our podiatry billing system includes detailed eligibility evaluation and authorizations followed by correct documentation and coding. Podiatry billing issues such as podiatry claims rejections, podiatry billing disputes, and other podiatry billing concerns are part of our comprehensive billing services.

We have a team of podiatry billing specialists who are up to date with the changing rules and regulations of podiatry specialties and are experienced in billing a variety of podiatry services as well.